Etc. -- 1919 Langton Fair Executives
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Compiler's Comment: The following is not a transcription. Rather it is an alphabetically 
re-sequenced list of names in an article on page 4 of the 23 Jan 1919 Simcoe Reformer. 

Langton Fair Annual Meeting

The following officers were appointed for 1919:
C. H. Alexander, honorary director
W. Balcolm, director
W. A. Bowyer, director
Jas. Brayley, honorary director
H. Brearley, director
Ora Charlton, director
W. S. Collings, director
A. Cowan, honorary director
Wm. Cowan, 2nd vice president
G. E. Heslop, general superintendent
C. Hetherington, director
R. K. Hill, honorary directory
Uriah Hill, director, auditor
Wm. Hill, honorary director
A. E. Holtby, director, auditor
W. H. Hunter, 1st vice president
E. Hutchinson, director
Thos. Marshall, director
W. C. McDonald, director
M. McDowell, honorary director
Geo. McKim, director
R. Pick, honorary diredctor
G. B. Robinson, director
A. J. Rogers, director
Jas. Stuart, director
C. Swain, president
Wm. Wittet, director

Fair date: Saturday, 11 Oct 1919.

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