Etc. -- 1917 Poem In Regard to North Walsingham Council
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The following is a transcription of an article on page 7 of the 18 Jan 1917 Simcoe Reformer.. 

In Regard to North Walsingham Council
by Peter Doolittle
Langton, 15 Jan 1917

To avoid municipal strife
I guess our council's in for life.
On every day of nomination
This last four years 'tis acclamation.
To some of you they strangers be,
But who they are below you'll see.
There's Robert Hill, the great cheese maker,
George Robinson, renowned hayraker,
James Brayley, who works side hills,
And Dr. Hawley, far-famed for pills.
Reeve Matt McDowell,
Lord bless his soul.
They're all good men, I like their stamp,
But some are surely due to tramp.
They had some trouble quite of late
In dealing with the Syndicate.
It seems the 'Sessor on his round
Had put the company's assessment down.
And why their taxes high should be
Is what the Company couldn't see;
So then their bookkeeper figured late
And now they tell me things are straight,

Our Reeve is old, but full of Grit,
They tell me in his will is writ --
"When my days on earth are slim
I give Reeve's chair to my son Jim."
And now I've said my little bit;
Oh how I wish the war would quit
And if these gents have no objection,
Let's hope next year we'll have election.

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