Etc. -- 1903 Townsend Centre public school  students
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An edited compiled transcription of a list in page 1 report in the 24 Dec 1903 issue of the Waterford Star newspaper.

School Reports

Townsend Centre Public School Student
Report for Dec 1903.

Herby Anthony
Stanley Bertran
Lloyd Burgess
Louis Clark
Leota Cunningham
Lloyd Cunningham
Hazel Dean
LeRoy Dean
Ellie Farmiloe
Lillie Farmiloe
Minnie Farmiloe
Clara Hellyer
Hattie Hellyer
Lorna Heller
Nora Hellyer
Russell Hellyer
Ada Misner
Dufferin Misner
Lorna Peaker
Vera Peaker
Carl Rice
Eva Rice
Grace Rice
Lorne Rice
Melba Robinson
Bruce Snively
Cecil Snively
Ola Snively
Roy VanLoon
Harry Ward

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