Etc. -- 1901 Round Plains public school students 3.0
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The following summary is based on sorted transcriptions of lists in page 5 reports in the 9 May 1901 and 6 Jun 1901 issues and page 8 of the 3 Oct 1901 issue of the Waterford Star newspaper. 

School Reports

Vanessa Public School Student
Reports for Apr, May and Sep 1901.  
C. V. Langs, teacher.

Apr May Sep
Louis Bauslaugh
Mary Bauslaugh
Minnie Bauslaugh
Orpha Bauslaugh
Clarence Beemer
Violet Beemer
Lillie Birdsell
Maggie Birdsell
Geo. Boughner
Sam Collins
Walter Dawson
Cecil Forse
Ethel Johnson
Earl Kitchen
Flossie Kitchen
Lillie Mathews
Clara Matthews
John Matthews
Lillie Matthews
Abbie McCoy
Willie McCoy
Charlie McIntosh
Ola Pegg
Alice Perney
Ella Perry
Clara Pew
Doyal Pew
Leota Pew
Willie Robinson
Gertie Schuyler
Henry Townsend
John Townsend
Willy Walmsley
Ethel Wilson

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