Etc. -- 1900 Vanessa students
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The following summary is based on sorted transcriptions of lists in page 5 reports in the 
15 Feb 1900 and 17 May 1900 issues of the Waterford Star newspaper.

School Reports

Vanessa Public School report for 1900.  
C. V. Langs, teacher.

Jan Apr
Anna Baker
Clifford Bannister
James Bannister
Millie Bannister
Walter R. Bannister
Flossie Bar
Erie Bell
Eddie Fields
Melvin Hemingway
Aleatha Knight
E. Harry Knight
Flossie Longherst
Lena Reavely
Eva Roberts
Herbie Roberts
Eva Roberts
Ida Roberts
Eddie Walker
Leman Walsh/Welsh
Maggie Watkins
Pearl Watkins
Rose Watkins
Willis Watkins
Chas. Welsh
Mary Welsh
Delmer Whiting


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