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A lightly edited transcription of a page 1 article in the 12 Apr 1923 Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Sad Death in Baltimore 
of popular Simcoe boy

Word was received early on Friday forenoon by Mr. and Mrs. Angus M. Munro, Talbot Street south, that their son, Mr. Lornie Munro of Titusville, Pa., had passed away at the John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Md., that morning.

While the best had been hoped for, the news was not entirely unexpected, as the family had known of a serious operation that had been performed a few days previous.

For about nine months Mr. Munro had been in failing health, and had been treated by a local practitioner in his home city. Growing worse, he was admitted to the John Hopkins Hospital at Baltimore, on 11 Mar 1923.

His wife and his sister, Mrs. Mabel Brown, were with him at the hospital until his death.

The physicians at this institution diagnosed the trouble as cancer, with an operation as the only means of saving the patient's life. This operation was performed on 31 Mar 1923.

The diagnosis proved to be correct, but the malignant growth was found to be an unusually grave one. Starting in the intestines, it had penetrated into the stomach. It was the only one of its kind ever treated in the hospital.

From a surgical point, the operation was a success, as the growth was all removed. But notwithstanding all the skill of the surgeons and the devotion of the nurses of this, perhaps the most favorably known institution of healing in America, the shock proved too much for the frail system, and the patient passed away early on Friday.

The remains, in charge of Mr. C. E. Foster of Philadelphia, arrived in Simcoe on the forenoon Wabash train on Saturday. In addition to the family, they were met at the station by members of Norfolk Lodge of Free Masons, under whose sucpices the funeral was conducted from Mr. Munro's home on Sunday at two p.m.

Rev. D. E. Foster of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church was the officiating clergyman at the house and at the grave. 

There was the largest gathering of Masons seen here for years, under the direction of Mr. Stanley L. Krompart, the Master of the Lodge. The following brethren, who had been selected by Mr. Munro himself while in the hospital, officiated as pall-bearers: Messrs. Harry A. Pursel, Murray Hamilton, Charles A. Martin, Roy Sutton, Harrison Stringer and Arthur Peachey.

Besides the Masons there was a large gathering of friends of the deceased, many of whom had known him for years, at the house. Interment took place in Oakwood Cemetery.

The following officials of the Crow-Levick Company and the Dominion Natural Gas Company attended the funeral:
C. E. Foster, comptroller, Crew-Levick, Philadelphia, Pa.;
W. V. Geer, sales manager, Crew-Levick, Warren, Pa.;
H. K. Dorrance, general superintendent of the oil refineries of the Crew-Lewick Co., Warren, Pa.;
J. W. Griswold (and Mrs. Griswold), superintendent of the Crew-Levick oil refineries at Titusville, Pa.;
J. A. Ritchie, secretary-treasurer of the Natural Gas Properties of New York State and Ontario, Buffalo, N.Y.;
H. W. Braden, general superintendent of the National Gas Properties of New York State and Ontario, Buffalo, N.Y.;
Friend Fair, superintendent of New York State Properties, Buffalo, N.Y.;
C. G. Roberts, superintendent of Ontario Natural Gas Properties, Brantford, Ont.;
Roy Lindsay, assistant superintendent of Ontario Natural Gas Properties, Brantford;
J. E. McCrimmon, leaser, Dominion Natural Gas. Co., Brantford;
J. D. Hoover, superintendent, Measurement Dept., Dominion Natural Gas Co., Brantford;
Ross Brady, chief clerk, Dominion Natural Gas. Co., Brantford;
George F. Brown, cashier, Brantford Gas. Co., Brantford;
C. H. Lutz, local superintendent of the Simcoe Division of the Dominion Natural Gas Co., Simcoe;
George Bingleman, meter superintendent of the Dominion Natural Gas Co., Simcoe.

The following from out of town were also present: 
A. A. Adams, Albert Challen, Albert Adams, and Mrs. George E. Dell of Hamilton; William R. McBride, Grimsby;
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Hall and John Brown of Dunnville;
Mrs. John Irwin of London; and Edmond McBride of Port Huron.

The floral offerings sent by friends of Simcoe and elsewhere were many and remarkably fine. Flowers of the season such as roses, lilies, sweet peas, lily of the valley, hyacinths, carnations, snapdragon, etc., made up with artistic skill, laid on and alongside the bier. This is a partial list:
Pillow, Henry L. Doherty Co., New York City;
anchor, Doherty Men's Fraternity, Buffalo;
wreath, Warren Plant, Warren Pa.;
wreath, Philadelphia office of the Crew-Levick Co.;
pillow, general manager, Crew-Levick Co., Philadelphia;
basket, Cleveland, Ohio office of the Cities Services Co.;
wreath, Dominion Natural Gas Co., Brantford;
spray, office staff, Simcoe division, Dominion Natural Gas;
wreath, Norfolk Lodge No 10, A.F. & A.M., Simcoe.

Beside these, there was a considerable number of floral offerings sent from the United States that were received in time.

William Lornie [sic] Munro was the only son and eldest child of Angus M. Munro and his wife, Mary M. McBride. He was born 23 Apr 1883, in the house from which his burial was conducted.

For over 16 years he was in the employ of W. Y. Wallace, as a clerk in his store. About 12 or 15 years ago, he entered the office of the Dominion Gas Company in Simcoe. He succeed in his new position so well that he was eventually promoted to the position of Traveling Auditor of this company, and was transferred to the offices of the big Titusville Oil Refineries of the Crew-Levick Company in 1917, where he ultimately became the head of the office staff.

He appeared to be [specially] well adapted for this place, and Mr. Foster, the head of the firm, says it will be impossible to fill the position that he held.

We may say here that the Crew Levick Company and the Dominion Natural Gas Company are two of the many subsidiary companies operated the Cities Service Company, managed by the Henry L. Doherty Company of New York City. This is one of the largest oil and gas companies in America, ranking second to Standard Oil.

Mr. Munro was a director of the Crew Levick Co. He was not only a favorite in his own office, but was well-known and liked by those in other offices of the Consolidated Companies and when it is considered that a man like Mr. Foster, the comptroller of the Oil Company, with all of its management on his shoulders, was in Baltimore every day with the patient in the big hospital, it shows the esteem and appreciation that is evidenced by his employers.

Mr. Munro was a married man, his wife being Ethel Hall, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George H. Hall of Dunnville. There are two children, Margaret Hall, 5, and William Donald, 1. Two sisters, Louise and Jessie predeceased him. There is one surviving sister, Mabel, wife of George T. Brown of Hamilton. While in Simcoe he was for some time the secretary of the Simcoe Hockey Club and of the Simcoe Baseball Club.

Mr. Munro was a highly-esteemed member of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, and always took an active part in the various organizations while in Simcoe. Latterly he had become one of the active leaders in the Presbyterian Church at Titusville.

This is another example where a Canadian, a Simcoe boy this time, went out into the big world of commerce and in face of the strongest competition by sheer merit alone, made good. This loss will not only be felt in the home circle, but by a very large number of friends. The sympathy of the public is extended to those who mourn.

A transcription of a page 1 article from 12 Apr 1923 issue of the Waterford Star newspaper.



Simcoe, April 7. -- A. M. Munro of the British Canadian, received word Friday of the death of his son, Lorne Munro, who died in Baltimore.

Deceased, who was 40 years of age, was born here and made his home here until a few years ago. He will be remembered by the sport fraternity of Ontario. He was interested in hockey and was Simcoe's greatest athlete. For some time he worked here with the British Canadian and with the Dominion Natural Gas Company. The latter firm promoted him, and he had been working in their interests in Baltimore for some time. The remains will be brought to Simcoe for interment. 

Simcoe, April 9. -- The funeral of the late William Lorne Munro of Teeterville, who died in John Hopkins Hospital on Thursday afternoon, after an operation for internal trouble, was held from the house of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Angus M. Munro, 89 Talbot street south, yesterday. 

The 2 o'clock service at the house was conducted by Rev. D. E. Foster, pastor of St. Paul's Presbyterian church, and Norfolk Lodge, A. F. and A. M., of which the deceased was a member, performed the last sad and impressive rites at the grave in Oakwood cemetery.

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