Etc. -- County Model School, 1897
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A transcription of a page 1 article from 9 Sep 1897 Simcoe Reformer. [The original article did not list students in accurate alphabetical sequence.]

County Model School

"The County Model School opened on the 1st. inst., when the following students were enrolled."

Mary Anger, Port Rowan
Lloyd Bauslaugh, Round Plains
Olive Birdsell, Glen Meyer
Maggie Bothwell, Renton
Orrie Burch, Atherton
Ethel Cook, Delhi
Ambrose Dowswell, Glenshee
Phineas J. R. Drake, Port Rowan
Ethel Fuller, Port Dover
Kate Gundry, Vittoria
Ira Hammond, Villa Nova
Lou Hind, Port Dover
Minnie Ivey, Simcoe
Geo. Lutes, Vanessa
Harrie Mabee, Vittoria
Gertrude Malcolm, Scotland
Cora Misenor [sic], Waterford
Maggie Murphy, Silver Hill
Wm. G. Paines, Simcoe
Beatrice Pegg, Simcoe
Maude Pettit, Simcoe
Geo. Priddle, Glen Myer
May Rice, Villa Nova
Jennie Robertson, Villa Nova
Oscar Robinson, Round Plains
William Sherk, Port Rowan
Minnie Smith, Port Ryerse
Geo. A. Stone, Nanticoke
Arthur Whiting, Renton
Robert Winter, Renton
Ethel Wyckoff, Simcoe 

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