Etc. -- Daniel Harvey's obituaries, 1910
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A lightly edited transcription of a page 1 article in the 9 Sep 1910 Waterford Star newspaper.
The same article appeared on page 1 of the 25 Aug 1910 Simcoe Reformer.

Terrible Death of Well-Known Farmer

Reformer. -- Last Thursday evening, 18 Aug 1910, a terrible fate overtook Mr. Daniel Harvey of Townsend.

He was attending to his evening work when he was attacked by a three-year-old bull, and so crushed and gored that death came in two and a half hours.

He called for help and his sister, Miss Mary Harvey, ran to his assistance and drove the infuriated beast off with a small stick. Dr. Howell of Jarvis was called in, but the injuries were such that medical skill was of no use.

Mr. Harvey was an old resident of Townsend, having come to the Township with his parents when a boy. Two sisters survive him, Mary, who has always lived with him and acted as his housekeeper, and Mrs. Dunn of Woodhouse. Another sister, Mrs. John Forster, at one time a resident of the county east of this town, predeceased her brother two years ago.

Just before he died, Mr. Harvey, who was a man of large means, expressed a desire that his will be made and a neighbor, Mr. Ira Vail, wrote it out for him.

His funeral took place last Monday forenoon, when service was held by Rev. Father Martin of St. Marys church in this town, and afterwards the remains were interred in the R. C. cemetery.


An unedited transcription of an article from page 1 of the 24 Aug 1910 British Canadian.
[All but the last paragraph break inserted by the transcriber.]

Killed by a Bull in Townsend

A shocking occurrence took place last Thursday evening on the farm of Mr. Daniel Harvey, which is situated in Townsend, on the townline, about seven miles east of this town. 

While Mr. Harvey was attending to his farm stock about seven o'clock in the evening, a three year old bull, which he had raised from a calf, suddenly attacked him; he was knocked down and his abdomen ripped open by the horns of the animal. 

He only lived about an hour and a half after the occurrence. A Jarvis physician was sent for and was soon in attendance; but the injuries to Mr. Harvey were of such a serious nature that surgical aid was of no avail. 

He retained his senses until the end came. Before dying he expressed a desire to make his will; when Mr. Vail, a neighbor, drew it up and it was witnessed by another neighbor. 

Mr. Harvey was a bachelor and an unmarried sister resided with him and was his housekeeper. He was an honest and industrious man and was well thought of by every one who knew him.

His funeral took place last Monday forenoon, when service was held by Rev. Father Martin in St. Mary church in this town, and afterwards, the remains were interred in the cemetery in connection with that church.

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