Etc. -- The Exodus
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An unedited transcript of a page 3 article from 1 Sep 1881 Norfolk Reformer.

Cutting & Crump's Factory 
to be removed to the
Domains of Uncle Sam

On Tuesday morning Messrs. Ross Crump, Fred Ireland and Chas. West, three gentlemen, heads of families in this town [Simcoe], all of them skilled carpenters, started for Bay City, Michigan, there to superintend the erection of a large factory for the firm of Cutting & Crump, who for some years past have been carrying on the manufacture of cooper's materials and a general planing mill and building business in Simcoe.

As soon as the buildings in Bay City are ready for occupation, all the machinery together with the engine and boiler now in use by the firm here, is to be removed across the border to the land which seems gradually to be annexing Canada in a far more complete manner than if the two countries were to be politically joined together.

Mr. Cutting informed a Reformer reporter yesterday that when the final removal is made they expect to take with them almost all the hands now employed in their factory as well as many other mechanics. Applications are being constantly received from the best workmen in the county for jobs and the only trouble is to make selections.

It is needless for us to make any comment upon the loss this removal will be to our town. Among the few struggling  factories which have for so long just managed to exist in Simcoe, this establishment has been the most important and now that we loose it entirely and not only it but so many good mechanics with their families, the matter has a very serious aspect for our town.

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