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An unedited transcription of a page 1 article from 26 Feb 1920 Waterford Star

Death of Dr. A. C. Duncombe

Dr. A. C. Duncombe died at his home in this place on Saturday last. He had been in poor health for several years and for the past two or three years has been blind. The end came practically as a result of old age, he being 89. Few have been better known in North Norfolk than Dr. Duncombe.

He was a son of the late Dr. David Duncombe, one of the pioneers of Norfolk, who came to Townsend in 1826 and practiced medicine for nearly half a century. The Duncombe family came to Canada from Pennsylvania over a century ago and were descendants of Sir Charles Duncombe, who came from England to America in 1730.

The passing of Dr. Duncombe removes from our midst another of our oldest and most prominent residents and a man who has been identified with the business interests of Waterford since incorporation. He also leaves hosts of friends who received kind administrations from him during their hours of sickness and affliction.

He was twice married and besides his widow he leaves one son, 
Mr. T. D. Duncombe, and one daughter 
Mrs. F. S. Marlatt, to mourn their loss.

The members of the family of the late Dr. David Duncombe were:
Mrs. Joseph Nelles, Mrs. John Wallace, Mrs. Wm. Bowlby, Dr. A. O. Duncombe, 
David T. Duncombe, E. E. Duncombe, 
Mrs. Nelson Clark, Mrs. Lyman Chapin, 
Dr. Charles and Tyrrell.

Dr. Duncombe was born in Waterford in 1837. After leaving school here he was educated at Upper Canada College where he received his medical degree. He started to practice in Boston, about 60 years ago, and after remaining there three or four years came to Waterford and opened an office and was extended a good practice up until a few years ago when ill health prevented him from continuing.

About 50 years ago he purchased the flour mill from Mr. Thos. W. Clark and also conducted a saw mill and large lumber mill for years. In his younger days he took an active interest in municipal affairs, was a member of the Townsend Council and also Reeve before Waterford was incorporated.

The funeral, which was held on Tuesday afternoon, was largely attended by relatives and friends. The service was conducted by the pastor of the deceased, 
Rev. J. D. McLachlan, B.A., assisted by Revs. J. B. More and H. Wilkins. 
Interment took place in Greenwood.

An lightly edited transcription of a page 1 article in the 26 Feb 1920 issue of the Simcoe Reformer

Death of Dr. Duncombe
(From our own correspondent)

After a lingering illness of stomach trouble, death removed from our midst Dr. Alex. C. Duncombe of Waterford, in his 84th year, on Saturday, 21 Feb 1920.

The deceased was one of Waterford's oldest and most widely-known residents. A son of the late David Duncombe, he was born in Townsend, descended from a United Empire Loyalist family, many of whom were physicians.

The late Dr. Duncombe graduated from Victoria College, Toronto, in 1850. He practices for four or five years at Boston and then moved to Waterford, where he carried on a remarkably successful practice  until about 10 years ago, since when, owing to an affliction he had practiced very little.

He is survived by a sorrowing widow, one daughter, Mrs. F. S. Marlatt of Waterford, and one son, Mr. T. D. Duncombe of Waterford.

Two sisters, Mrs. Lyman Chapin and 
Mrs. John Wallace of Brantford, and two brothers, Dr.O. H. Duncombe of Waterford and Dr. Tyrrell Duncombe of Romeo, Michigan, also survive.

To these and other sorrowing relatives the sincere sympathy of the community is extended.

The funer took place on Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. The service was conducted by Rev. J. D. McLachlan, assisted by Rev. H. Wilkins and Rev. J. B. Moore. Interment took place in Greenwood Cemetery.


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