Etc. -- Culver-Humphrey 50th Wedding Anniversary
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A partial transcription of a page 1 article from the 3 Jan 1918 Simcoe Reformer newspaper. 
[Most paragraph breaks inserted by the transcriber]

Golden Wedding

The fine country home of Mr. and Mrs. John G. Culver of Windham was the scene of a happy gathering on New Year's Day, it being the occasion of their golden wedding.

Mr. and Mrs. Culver are still both hale and hearty and it seems scarcely possible that a full half century of married life lies behind them; yet such is the case.

Mr. Culver belongs to one of the oldest and most highly respected families in Norfolk County. He is a direct descendant of the early pioneer Timothy Culver, who settled in Norfolk in 1796 or thereabouts.

Mrs. Culver, whose maiden name was Barbara Humhprey [sic], was born in the Isle of Burra, in the far famed Shetland Islands. She has therefore a strong strain of Highland blood in her veins. In her early childhood her family removed to Canada and made their home at Colborne, Norfolk County. She was married to Mr. Culver on New Year's Day, 1868.

During the first 25 years of their married life they resided in Townsend. They then removed to their present residence in Windham, which they have occupied continuously ever since.

Five children were given to brighten and bless their home, all of whom were present on this delightful occasion. These are: 
Mrs. Lola Root, residing at home; Mrs. H. H. Schuyler of Simcoe; 
Mrs. T. [sic] W. Cattell of Norwich; and Archie E. and Harvey Y., of Windham.

In addition to their children, there were also present as near relatives of the family, their two sons-in-law, H. H. Schuyler and 
F. [sic] W. Cattell; their daughter-in-law Mrs. A. Culver, 
and their five grandchildren.

[Two of their other guests] Mr. D. B. Wallace of Simcoe and 
Mr. Judson Wallace of Tyrrell were present at the marriage 
ceremony fifty years ago. 

[Compiler's Comment: The foregoing is less than half of the article. The balance of article, listing other guests, additional biography and other details, was not transcribed.]

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