Etc. -- Ward Hamilton Bowlby's 1917 obituary and estate
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An unedited transcription of a page 6 article in the 11 Jan 1917 Simcoe Reformer newspaper. 

W. H. Bowlby, K. C., dies at Kitchener

Oldest Crown Attorney and Clerk of the Peace 
in Ontario -- Was Native of Norfolk, and 
Uncle of Dr. D. A. Bowlby of Simcoe

Kitchener, Jan. 8 -- The death of Ontario's oldest crown attorney and clerk of the peace, Ward Hamilton Bowlby, M.A., K.C., took place at his residence here this evening after an illness of about one week from from acute indigestion, which later developed into pneumonia. 

He became seriously ill on Saturday, and sank rapidly during the last two days.

He was an uncle of the late Major G. Herbert Bowlby, who was accidentally killed near Brighton, Eng., a few weeks ago.

Born on October 4, 1834 in Waterford, Norfolk County, the son of Adam and Elizabeth (Sovereign) Bowlby, he was educated in a private school and Woodhouse rectory, near Simcoe, and in the grammar schools of St. Thomas and Streetsville, and the University of Toronto.

He won the degree of Bachelor of Arts in 1857 [sic], Master of Arts in 1857, and Bachelor of Laws in 1858, taking the Jamieson gold medal in Arts in 1856 and the University gold medal in 1858. 

He entered upon the active practice of his profession in this city in the spring of 1858, and for many years was a prominent barrister in the community.

In December 1867, he was appointed by the first government of Ontario crown attorney and clerk of the peace for the county of Waterloo, which offices he held till the time of his death.

He retired from practicing law in the firm known as Bowlby & Clement in January of 1903.

His death leaves Mayor Bowlby of Brantford the only survivor of the large family of Adam Bowlby.

An unedited transcription of a page 12 article in the 1 Feb 1917 Simcoe Reformer newspaper. 

former norfolk man leaves big estate

Will of Crown Attorney Ward H. Bowlby 
of Kitchener Admitted to Probate

The daily press recently contained the information that the will of  the late Ward Bowlby, K.C. of Kitchener, a native of this county, and who has a number of relatives here, will be filed for probated at once. The will name the Toronto General Trusts Corporation executors, and disposes of an estate of approximately $350,000.

After leaving legacies to two surviving brothers and eight nieces, as well as $2,000 each to St. John's Anglican Church of Kitchener and the Kitchener and Waterloo General Hospital, the entire surplus of the estate is given three-quarters to his widow and one-quarter to his granddaughter, Mrs. (Captain) Robertson, Eng., daughter of Sir Geo. Perley, for life. After the death of his widow the estate goes to the granddaughter, Mrs. Robertson, but in case she should die without it shall go to the next of kin of the deceased.

The beautiful homestead and grounds are to be maintained as a residence so long as the widow chooses to occupy it, but when she desires it is to be sold and a residence provided for her in any other place where she is desirous to reside.

The estate consists of stock of the Canadian Pacific Railway, a number of Canadian banks and other standard stocks.

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