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Bigcraft Cemetery
by John Cardiff, posted 4 Nov 2000

A Norfolk Historical Society volunteer at the Eva Brook Museum in Simcoe told me yesterday (3 Nov 2000) of a recent genealogical discovery.  Apparently workers bulldozing berry brush southeast of Glenshee on Lot 2, Concession 8 in Charlotteville Township uncovered a small forgotten family cemetery enclosed by a wire fence.

The 1877 Illustrated Atlas of Norfolk County lists Lot 2 as the farm of Nathan Bigcraft.

The following is a transcription made of those tombstones:

Nathan Bigcraft
1818 - 1908

Mary Ann
his wife
1819 - 1904

Mary Ann
wife of
James Bigcraft
died 12th May 1882
James Wallace
son of
James & Mary Ann
Aug. 11, 1853
16 yrs. 11 mos.


Ann Eliza
died May 28, 1874

_____ Mary Jane
May 28, 1874

another one laying
down not readable

Family Bible Comparison

contributed by Robert Mutrie, posted 17 Dec 2000

Information in the Bigcraft Family Bible in Norfolk Historical Society Archives conflicts with some of the tombstone information above.

According to the Family Bible:
Mary Ann, wife of Nathan, was born 23 Jun 1818
Mary Ann, wife of James, died 13 May 1862
James Wallace Bigcraft, born 3 Sep 1838, died 14 Aug 1855
[Transcriber's Comment: 16 years and 11 months after Sep 1838 is Nov 1855.]

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