Etc. -- John H. Backus' 1912 obituary
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A transcription of a page 1 article from the 1 Jan 1912 Waterford Star.
[Some paragraphs breaks inserted by the transcriber] 

61 Years Married Life in One Home

St. Thomas Times. -- Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Backus of Aylmer, attended the funeral of the latter's father. John H. Backus of Port Rowan, who passed away on 4 Jan in his 89th year.

Deceased was a remarkable member of a a remarkable family. He was born in South Walsingham in 1823 and ever since he attained manhood, he has been a source of strength in that section of country, as well as a power for good.

His life was a most strenuous one, and up to about two years ago he took an active and leading interest in his milling business, a few miles north of Port Rowan, which business was established by his grandfather in 1797, and has been in the family continuously ever since.

The old original building, with its big water wheel, its heavy shafting, its large stone, has been torn down and re-built several times to keep pace with modern improvements.

Mr. Backus took an active interest in municipal matters and for over 20 years was reeve of the township. His home was one of those ideal places which unfortunately are becoming so scarce in these days of rush. It was a home where the latch strings always hung on the outside, and Mr. Backus and his equally estimable wife, were never happier than when dispensing hospitality.

Mr. and Mrs. Backus, who was Miss Sarah Dedrick, were married nearly 61 years ago, and have resided continuously in the home they went into at that time. Their's was an ideal happy home, and an exceptional life in many ways.

Besides his widow he leaves one son, John C., who will continue the business, and two daughters, Dr. Annie Backus of Alymer, and Mrs. (Dr.) Swazie of California.

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