Etc. -- Jennie A. (Cairns) Austin's 1923 obituary
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A transcription of a page 1 article from the 30 Aug 1923 Waterford Star newspaper.
[Paragraph breaks inserted by the transcriber]


Simcoe, Aug.27. -- Mrs. Austin, wife of ex-Mayor C. A. Austin, passed away at 3.30 yesterday afternoon. 

Mrs. Austin had been in a critical state of health for about two years, and a few days ago took a sudden change for the worse in the nature of cerebral hemorrhage, from which she did not recover consciousness. 

Charles A. Austin and Jennie A. Cairnes, daughter of the late Aaron Cairns of Whitby, were wedded in Jun, 1876, and had, therefore, enjoyed over 47 years of married life. 

Jonathan C. Austin, their son and only offspring, lives in Simcoe. 
Mrs. Bowlby, wife of Dr. A. A. Bowlby of Simcoe, a sister, is the only surviving member of the family of the deceased.

-- see her husband's 1932 obituary

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