Etc. -- Who was the first to fall?
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This lightly edited page 5 article is from the 20 Sep 1917 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Sergt. Robert Rowling, caretaker of the Armories, has called the attention of The Reformer to an error made 
in crediting Private J. Watmough with being "the first Norfolk man to fall.

Privates Nile Sloat, John Watmough and Jack Doudney all lost their lives through the battle of Langemack. Seven other Norfolk men were wounded that day.

Who was the first to actually fall? No one knows, but the first man to die, according to those Norfolk men actually present, was Private Sloat. He lived less than half an hour after being wounded.

Watmough got to an English hospital. Doudney died instantly on the battlefield. These three deaths were Norfolk's contribution to the fatalities of the battle.

The names of these three young heroes should go down in Norfolk's annals sharing equally the glory of being the county's first sacrifice.

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