Etc. -- C. Austin Bell war victim, 1918
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The following transcript is of a page 1 article in the 12 Sep 1918 
issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.
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Capt. Bell War Victim

Word has reached the Norfolk relatives of Capt. 
C. Austin Bell, m.c., of the Canadian Engineers, 
of the serious results to him of his latest wounds.

Capt. Bell is a native of Woodhouse, having been born at the DeCou homestead in that township. His mother will be remembered by many Reformer readers as 
Miss Lou DeCou, a very popular vocal soloist, before her marriage to Mr. Charles M. Bell, at one time of Buffalo, now of 19 Farnham Avenue, Toronto.

Capt. Bell had been continuously in the trenches with the Canadian forces since the outbreak of the war. 
He went overseas as a sergeant in the Toronto company of engineers and was wounded at Ypres, in Apr 1915. 
He was again wounded in May 1916. He received his commission in March 1916, his decoration of the Military Cross in January 1917, and promotion to a captaincy in July 1917.

He has now been wounded for a third time, and his injuries must be of a very severe character. One eye has been lost and both legs amputated, is the latest word. 

Prior to his enlistment he was mines and maintenance engineer of the Canadian Copper Co. at Coppercliff, Ont. He is a graduate of Toronto University, 26 years of age.

His mother died after he had been wounded in 1915.

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