Etc. -- South Walsingham Council Officers for 1914
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A re-writng of a page 6 article from 12 Feb 1914 Simcoe Reformer.
[The original lists those appointed Pathmasters, Poundkeepers, and Fenceviewers, in separate lists, which were merged then alphabetically sequenced by the Compiler]

South Walsingham Council

 The following municipal officers were appointed for 1914. 

Abbott, M. W., pathmaster
Addison, Wm., pathmaster
Aker, Sidney, poundkeeper
Alward, James, pathmaster
Anger, Geo. Y., poundkeeper
Anger, Lorne, pathmaster
Anguish, G. H., pathmaster
Axford, Emerson, pathmaster
Becker, Jas. M., pathmaster
Becker, W. J., poundkeeper
Benedict, Daniel, poundkeeper
Biddle, Edward, pathmaster
Blumenstein, J., poundkeeper
Bouck, Austin, pathmaster and fenceviewer
Brandow, W. A., pathmaster
Broddy, Dr. W. A., medical health officer
Brooks, Harry, pathmaster
Brooks, Joseph, pathmaster
Countryman, J., pathmaster
Cridland, George, fenceviewer
Dalton, Fredík, pathmaster
Davis, J. B., pathmaster
Dedrick, A. J. C., pathmaster
Dedrick, A. S., poundkeeper
Farr, Fernando, pathmaster
Feere, Curtis, poundkeeper
Ferris, C., pathmaster
Fisher, G. H., pathmaster
Foster, J. C., pathmaster
Foster, W. E. (Erie View), fenceviewer
Hammond, Geo., pathmaster
Hammond, Wm., pathmaster
Hitchcock, S., pathmaster
Hoaney, Geo. H., pathmaster*
Howe, John, pathmaster
Hutchinson, G. A., pathmaster
Hutchinson, H., pathmaster

Kinsely, Jacob, pathmaster
La Rose, Wes., poundkeeper
Leighfield, Geo., pathmaster
Leighfield, W. H., pathmaster
Lindley, P. R., pathmaster
Marr, Arvil, poundkeeper
Marr, Uri, pathmaster and poundkeeper
Martin, John A., pathmaster
Mattice, Well., poundkeeper
McIntyre, John, pathmaster
Mitchell, Lyman, pathmaster
Moffat, A. F., poundkeeper
Murphy, Jas. E., poundkeeper
Oakes, Louis, pathmaster
Overbaugh, David, pathmaster
Pattison, Well., poundkeeper
Piett, Emerson, poundkeeper
Piett, Roy, pathmaster
Poole, R. E., poundkeeper
Price, D. W., pathmaster
Price, Dayton, pathmaster and fenceviewer
Roberts, Andy, poundkeeper
Robins, Harvey, pathmaster
Rockefeller, Allan, pathmaster
Shoup, George, pathmaster
Shoup, Wm. C., pathmaster
Skuce, Fred, fenceviewer
Starling, Ed., pathmaster
Starling, Edward, fenceviewer
Townsend, A. E., pathmaster and fenceviewer
Townsend, W. M., clerk
White, J. W., pathmaster
White, Lundy, pathmaster
Will, F. J., pathmaster and fenceviewer
Wilson, Thomas, pathmaster
Woolley, Ansley fenceviewer
* unreadable, transcription may be in error

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