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Transcriptions of  items from page 3 of the 9 Oct 1913 Simcoe Reformer newspaper.


From the Norfolk Reformer of 1 Oct 1863

Despite the best efforts of Dr. Clarke, Mrs. William Grieve died Monday at Mrs. J. Thompson's home, of injuries received when she was thrown from Mrs.  Thompson's buggy on Saturday on O'Carr's hill on the edge of town. Wm. Grieve is at present in Westminister, B.C. She leaves one daughter, Mrs. Nichol in Simcoe. 
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From the Norfolk Reformer of 24 Sep 1863


Lynn Grove Academy has re-opened under the management of the former principal. Mr. Courtlandt's long experience in teaching, with his superior abilities, is of itself a sufficient guarantee that pupils will make good progress under his instruction.


In Colborne, on Sunday, the 20th inst., the wife of Mr. W. F. Nickerson, of a daughter.


In Simcoe, on the 21st inst., at the residence of Mr. Wm. Rammage, Elizabeth, relict of the late Philip Wood, aged 72 years.


His Excellency has been pleased to appoint James Moon Salmon, Esq., M.D., of Simcoe, and Warren H. Blake, Esq., M.D., of Fredericksburg, Associate Coroners for the County of Norfolk.

From The Norfolk Reformer of 13 Aug 1863


In Simcoe, on the 8th inst., the wife of Mr. J. S. Austin, of a daughter.


At Waterford, on the 9th inst., in the Methodist New Connection Church, by the Rev. Jas. McAllister, assisted by the Rev. E. Williams and Rev. J. Cleaver, Rev. {S]. J. Lutze, of Simcoe, to Carrie, daughter of James L. Green, Esq., of Waterford.

Transcriptions of  items from page 3 of the 23 Jun 1913 Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

From The Norfolk Reformer of 25 Jun 1863


On the 23rd inst., at the residence of the bride's mother, by the Rev. M. W. Livingstone, Mr. R. C. Lyons of Simcoe, to Isabella, daughter of the late Dr. McKay of Vittoria.


The County Court and Court of Quarter Sessions were
opened in this town on Tuesday late. His Honor
Judge Salmon presided. The following gentlemen 
were sworn as Grand Jurors:

John Beemer
H. G. Campbell
Joseph Chadwick
Edwin Culver
William Davidson
John Geoffrey
Nelson Green
Henry Harvey
Lewis Heath
Enoch Lee
John Marsland
Holmes Matthews
Jacob McMichael
David Phelps
Nelson Philips
Edmund Sidway
Philip Slaght
Brian Varey
D. F. Whitaker
William Williams
Robert Wood
Benjamin Woodley
Paul Woodward

From The Norfolk Reformer of 4 Jun 1863


On the 2nd inst., at the residence of A. S. Barber, Esq., by the Rev. E. Williams, assisted by Rev. Dr. Ryerson, the Rev. William H. Withrow of Toronto, to Miss Sarah Ann Smith, of Simcoe.



WHEREAS my wife Margaret Ann
Having left the house of her dear man,
Her contracts I will never pay
Just as long as she stays away.

Whoever trusts her to a single cent,
The day they do it will repent,
So, one and all, due notice take,
And do not trust her, for my sake.

William Beeman
May 16, 1863


We are pleased to notice among those who received prizes at the annual convocation of the Toronto University last week, the name of A. F. Campbell, son of D. Campbell, Esq., of Simcoe. He received the third prize for general efficiency.

From The Norfolk Reformer of 28 May 1863


In Windham, on the 5th inst., at the residence of Mr. J. W. Langs, by the Rev. Mr. Vining, Mr. Marvin R. Langs, of Windham, to Miss Nancy VanNorman, of Saginaw, Michigan, U.S..

At Pt. Dover, on the 25th inst., by the Re. W. Craigie, Mr. Henry Thompson, farmer, Townsend, to Ursula, eldest daughter of Mr. Thos. Sinclair.


At Simcoe, on Sunday, the 24th inst., Fredrick Hamilton, youngest son of the Hon. M. H. Foley, aged 3 years, 5 months and 24 days.

From The Norfolk Reformer of 14 May 1863


A post office was opened at Teeterville on the first inst. It is named Blakeston. Mr. Henry E. Ford has been appointed postmaster. The post office will prove a great benefit to the parties residing in that neighborhood and at the same time will cost nothing for the carrying of the mails, the office being but little out of the route previously traveled.

Died. -- At Pt. Dover, on the 10th inst., Joseph B. Culver, Esq., M.D., aged 35 years.

Transcriptions of items from page 4 of the 8 May 1913 Simcoe Reformer newspaper


From The Norfolk Reformer of 30 Apr 1863


James Anderson of Walsingham
John Barber of Townsend
John B. Carpenter of Townsend
J[a]s. Covernton of Woodhouse
P. G. [Hat]ley of Woodhouse
A. B. Hutcheson of Walsingham
John H. Hutcheson of Walsingham
H. Lamport of Charlotteville
Thomas Lamport of Charlotteville
Andrew Lees of Port Dover
Charles Little of Walsingham
Nathan Mansell of Walsingham
Robt. J. M[e]r[i]ll  of Townsend
Nelson Montross of Walsingham
Henry Morgan of Port Dover
Geo. W. Park of Townsend
C. W. Smith of Woodhouse
Richard Smith of Woodhouse
Jas. W. Speare of Townsend
John A. Stearns of Port Rowan
W. H. Stevenson of Port Rowan
Ephraim Tisdale of Walsingham
Thomas Waters of Port Dover
Robert Youngs of Townsend


In Townsend township, on the 28th instant, to the wife of Philip Saltzberry, a son.

At Rose Hill, Simcoe, on the 4th inst., to the wife of 
G. F. Counter, jeweller, a son.


Boiler Explosion -- Four Persons Killed -- A most shocking accident occurred at Middleton Centre on Friday last, by which four persons lost their lives. The boiler in Mr. Robt. Manary's mill exploded in the afternoon leaving the mill a perfect wreck and killing the following persons: John Withrow, sawyer; John Primmer, fireman; Joseph Vollock, teamster; who unfortunately went in to the mill a few minutes before the explosion, and George Ferguson, a lad about 1[4] years old who was employed in keeping watch at the mill during the night. He also had just come into the mill. They were all killed instantly except Ferguson, who lived nearly an hour. They were dreadfully mangled.

From The Norfolk Reformer of 16 Apr 1863


We received yesterday morning a copy of the Bay City Press and Times of Saturday last, which contains the following particulars relative to the death of the son of Mr. H. V. A Rapelje, the ex-sheriff of this county. - On Saturday last a young man named Henry W. Rapelje was drowned in the river, nearly opposite the sawmill of McEwen & bro. about two miles below this place. He was knocked overboard by the beam of the sailboat he was in. Efforts have been made to recover his body, but so far without success. A reward is offered for its recovery.

From The Norfolk Reformer of 9 Apr 1863


At St. Williams, Walsingham, on Saturday, 28th March, by the Rev. Mr. Lawton, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Henry Woodward to Mrs. John Brown, eldest daughter of William Dease, Esq., both of St. Williams.

Woodhouse Correspondent

Appointment. -- David Abel, Esq., of Simcoe, has been appointed postmaster of Port Dover. We congratulate Mr. Abel on his appointment. A better one could not have been made.

Transcriptions of  items from page 1 of the 3 Apr 1913 Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

From The Norfolk Reformer of 2 Apr 1863


At Port Royal, on the 16th ult., by the Rev. J. L. Weizner, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. John Maxime, first son of Maxime LeFebre, Esq., St. Jean Ch[rysostorn], Canada East, to Miss Jane E., second daughter of Mrs. Jacob Fick, of Port Royal, C.W.

In Simcoe, on the 28th ult., by the Rev. Dr. Ryerson, Mr. W. J. Potts, to Julia G., second daughter of the late Mr. C. B. Clancy.

Lynedoch Correspondence

Death of an Old Settler. -- Mr. Philip Wilson, the oldest settler in this place, died on the 27th inst. [sic] at the age of 74 years. Mr. Wilson settled here 42 years ago, and for the first fifteen years his nearest neighbor lived three miles to the east of him. At this period the Bostwick road was quite a thoroughfare between London and Niagara districts, and Mr. Wilson kept a hotel  which was generally well filled with guests, in the midst of the wilderness. He described this section as being at that time a hunter's paradise, and is said to have witnessed with regret the advent of settlers to the west side of Big Creek and the consequent spoiling of his magnificent deer park, composed of the greater part of the townships of Walsingham and Middlesex. His funeral was largely attended on Sunday last.

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