Etc. -- Elizabeth Price's 1857 cemetery stone
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"Elizabeth first wife of Peter P. Price, died Mar. 34, 1857. AE 37 y's. 2 's. & 3 d's."
-- see photo enlargement
Camera: HP 717
Cemetery stone photographed and transcribed at Johnson Cemetery, immediately north of 18 Washington Street, in St. Williams, Charlotteville Township, 19 Jun 2011 by Jo Weitzel.
[Compiler's Comment: "Mar. 34, 1857" is an invalid date. Either our transcription or the stone is in error. OGS/Norfolk and others have transcribed it as Mar. 24, 1857. Try as we might however, we continue to see a 3, not a 2. For comparison purposes there are both a 2 and 3's in her age on the same stone.

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