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King Lake Cemetery Video Commentary
by John Cardiff

Please note: After this video was completed, we discovered an error in one of the transcriptions in the video: James Smith married Mary Decker, not Becker. Click here to see an better photo of their cemetery stone.

King Lake Cemetery is located on Lot 12, on the west side of North Road in Houghton Township, just north of the intersection with --- at 1281 North Road.  The Onatario Genealogy Society/Norfolk Branch's CD of Names in Norfolk Cemeteries, lists 291 names on King Lake Cemetery stones, as of 2003. This cemetery is still in use. 

We noticed very few surviving historic stones in this cemetery. The earliest death date we recall seeing was circa 1870. Only a few could not be fully transcribed.  Although stone transcriptions can be read by pausing the playback of our video when appropriate, our video is meant only as an overview of the cemetery itself, not as an alternative resource to cemetery stone transcriptions. We have not compared our transcriptions to earlier efforts, which may provide dates and ages no longer readable in 2006

When it comes to cemetery transcriptions, older is frequently better. Volunteer transcribers from the Norfolk Historical Society transcribed this cemetery in the 1960s. A copy of that transcription is on file and available for viewing in the Reading Room of the Norfolk Heritage Centre (

The Norfolk Branch of the Ontario Genealogy Society subsequently transcribed this cemetery over a decade later. Their transcription is available for sale from their web site:
Ontario Genealogy Society/Norfolk Branch. (See their "Published Resources" web page.)

Our videos are merely sneak peeks -- not exhaustive treatments -- of their subject. Hopefully they will provide a touch of perspective for those who live at a distance until they can visit.

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