Simcoe High 1945-46
Simcoe High School, 1945-46
Last updated: 15 Jul 2006
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This is Lawrence "Larry" Summerhayes
Identified 24 Nov 2005 by Raymond Canon
Confirmed 24 Nov 2005 by W. B. Jackson
Confirmed 12 Jul 2006 by his wife Betty Joan Summerhayes
Also see SHS 43-356: Lawrence Summerhayes

From W. B.: Lawrence's family lived on Union Street back then.

From Betty: Updated 15 Jul 2006: Lawrence was born in Simcoe, a son of Bruce Summerhayes and Ida Mae Sherk, a grandson of Fred Summerhayes and Clara Peronto, who resided in Simcoe. 
(It was said Clara came from Quebec, Montreal or Quebec City. Her surname may have been Peronteau at one time.) 
Lawrence had a number of earlier jobs, but was a theatre manager in Dunnville in 1953 and that is where I met him. He was very friendly, a very social person and loved to work in situations where he could interact with many individuals. We married in 1955. Lawrence and I were married for 28 years. He had his own little shop in Dunnville for seven years, then worked at Canadian Tire and then for Bicks. He suffered a major stroke in Feb 1983 and passed away ten days later. We had four children: 
Melanie, who is now grown and living in St. Catharines, 
Bryan who is a minister and also works for Ontario Hydro at the Pickering Nuclear Plant, he has three children, 
Chris, who has worked for Bicks in Dunnville for years. He has a year and a half old son, and 
Natalie who has three children and also lives in Dunnville.

Larry Summerhayes

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