American Can Staff Photo, Simcoe, Dec 1933
American Can Staff Photo, Simcoe, Dec 1933
Last updated: 07 Nov 2016
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This is: John or Alfred Trebilcock
Identified as John 27 Nov 2009 by Bruce & Flo Payne
Challenged 4 Nov 2016 by Rick Trebilcock

From Rick Trebilcock: I believe this is actually Alfred Dugga Trebilcock, son of John Trebilcock, my great-uncle. 
He married Edna Vedenheimer and they lived at 95 Talbot North, Simcoe for many years. He apparently worked as an office manager 
at American Can until his retirement.  He was known to my father 
as "Uncle Fred." Alfred and Edna are buried in Oakwood Cemetery.

Oakwood Cemetery stone:
Alfred D. Trebilcock 1890-1973
his wife Edna P. Veidenheimer 1892-1987
[Compiler's Comment: this is the only surviving, readable 
Trebilcock stone we have found in Norfolk County.

From webmaster John Cardiff: Alfred and Edna were neighbors 
when I was a child in the early 1950s. The photo certainly looks 
like a younger version of Fred as I remember him. He was a 
childhood favorite of mine, very kind to neighborhood kids.

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John Trebilcock
John or Alfred Trebilcock

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