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A transcription of a page 1 article in the 12 Apr 1934 issue of 
The Waterford Star

Waterford Star will be incorporated 
in Simcoe Reformer

The Pearce Publishing Co. Ltd. desires to make an important announcement in connection with the future publication of the Waterford Star.

Commencing next week the Star will be incorporated in the 
Simcoe Reformer
, Norfolk's county newspaper, and will 
henceforth appear each week as an integral part of that paper.

We are not discontinuing the Star, as the name will be continued 
and Waterford and district news and advertisements will have 
their separate pages under the Waterford Star name in each issue 
of the paper.

The principal reason for the change is that we desire to furnish 
our readers a better news service, as well as to give local 
advertisers a larger coverage. Not only will Star readers be 
furnished with a complete news coverage of Norfolk County 
each week, but we are about to launch a new publication under the name of The Norfolk Observer, a tabloid paper of 12 pages per issue.

The Observer will be published and delivered to Star readers every Tuesday morning and the Reformer-Star on Thursday afternoon of each week.

There will be no increase in subscription price, as the two papers 
will be sent to every present Star reader. In other words the combined subscription rate for the two papers will be $2.00 per year (in advance).

Each paper will have a circulation of upwards of 5,000 copies, 
and as an important part of the circulation will be in North Norfolk, Waterford advertisers will benefit by a considerably increased coverage, particularly in the township of Windham and the tobacco growing area.

This change, as outlined above, is not being made without serious thought on the part of the present publishers. The Star has been published by the Pearce family for nearly sixty years, have been founded in June, 1874, by P. J. Pearce and continued by the late 
P. Geo. Pearce until his death last October. During that long period, we believe the Star readers will agree, this newspaper has played an important part in building up the community, as well as rendering 
a first-class local news service.

With the changing time, however, has come a demand for a more comprehensive and faster news service. Paved highways, the telephone and the motor car have speeded up the trend of modern life. Whereas for many years, Star readers were content with news 
of the entire county, as well as the outside world. Editorial guidance on events of the day and especially information on agricultural subjects is required.

Through the medium of two county-wide publications, issued from 
a modern newspaper plant with all the facilities for high-class service, this Company hopes to meet the demand of its readers. Norfolk County news will be pre-eminent, but each issue will also carry news briefs from all parts of Ontario, Canada and other countries.

While both papers will be published in our Simcoe plant, the office and printing plant of the Waterford Star will continue to do business as at present. Subscriptions and classified and display advertising will be received here. The printing machinery will continue to be at the service of patrons and prompt executions of all orders is guaranteed.

The present manager of the Star, C. P. Pearce, will divide his time between Waterford and Simcoe, continuing to make his home here for the present at least.

We would stress the fact that we are taking this important step in the history of journalism in Norfolk County at a time when economic conditions are not the best. We do so in the belief that the improved news service will be appreciated by present Star subscribers, many of whom are no longer in a position to afford a daily newspaper.

In connection with the tabloid, it is interesting to note that the name of The Norfolk Observer is that of the first newspaper ever published in Norfolk County, or for that matter in any part of Southern Ontario. It was founded and edited by William Mercer Wilson, the most noted public figure of his day in the county.

The tabloid is not new in weekly or daily newspaper circles, in fact some of the most successful dailies across the border are published in this form. Many weeklies are also adopting the dress. It is of very convenient size for reading and it enables the editor to departmentalize news and features very handily. The Norfolk Observer will devote its attention to the entire county and readers may expect to find in its columns concise paragraphs of news events from all parts of Norfolk.

Naturally the Thursday paper, of which the Waterford Star will form an important part, will continue to be the chief publication. We hope to maintain the reputation built up in the past by The Reformer and The Star and to give the necessary leadership in promoting a greater era of prosperity throughout Norfolk County.

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