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The following article appeared on page 1 of the 14 Nov 1918 issue of The Simcoe Reformer  

Peace And The Victory Loan

The coming of peace makes no less necessary the success of the Victory Loan. 

It will be months, at the earliest, before the men overseas can be returned in any considerable numbers. In the meantime they must be clothed and fed and separation allowances must be paid to their dependants. 

Large sums are needed for the payment of pensions and for the building and maintenance of hospitals and convalescent homes. 

Ships must be built for transporting the soldiers homeward and carrying our commerce to Europe. 

Credit must be furnished to Great Britain to enable her to continue her purchases in Canada of farm products and the output of the factories. 

For the restoration of the ruined countries of Europe we can furnish the machinery, lumber and much building material, if we supply the necessary credits. 

FThe good times in Canada during the past year are attributable to the money raised by the Victory Loan of 1917. If this condition is to continue and our men are to be welcomed back to a prosperous country, the Victory Loan of 1918 must just needs be be most liberally supported.

Although the security and rate of interest make the investment an attractive one, in this closing appeal of the campaign I desire to emphasize particularly the obligation there is upon us all, notwithstanding there may be involved some sacrifice or inconvenience, to subscribe or increase our subscriptions to the limit, and if necessary for that purpose to anticipate our income and cut down our expenditures, and by so doing make sure that to the extent of our ability we will continue the prosperity of Canada and make the homecoming of the boy such as their service and sacrifice deserve at our hands.

Chairman Norfolk County      
Victory Loan Committee      


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