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The following article appeared on page 1 of the 7 Nov 1918 issue of The Simcoe Reformer  


The German peace offensive blocked on every front; told by the rulers of every Allied country that her surrender must be a military one, and that its terms could only be had on application, under a White Flag, from Marshall Foch, the last remaining military power, the arch-culprit, has thrown up the sponge. 

Two Generals and two Admirals left Berlin yesterday as a peace delegation, and came, caps in hands, to General Foch and humbly asked for the terms upon which they might have peace.

Today, just at noon, a G.N.W. dispatch from Toronto brought word that the Germans had accepted the terms, signed the armistice, and hostilities were over from two o'clock today.

The world has been assured, and the assurance would seem a reasonable one, that the terms to Germany are no easier than those granted her partners in crime, Bulgaria, Turkey and Austria. In the case of these latter countries, it was complete surrender. It is inconceivable that anything less has been accorded to Germany.

And they must be inexorably enforced to the last syllable. For the world's future, Germany's power to rebuild her forces and try again for domination must be destroyed.

As to what will happen in the misguided Empire, who can say? Cables this morning tell of revolution breaking out: of sailors murdering their officers, and soldiers sent to put down violence making common cause with the creators of it.

At the risk of offending some admirers of German methods here in Norfolk, may we declare that if Germany is made to pay as France was after the Revolution, and as Russia is paying now, we will shed no tears.


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