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Norfolk Historical Society Overview
by John Cardiff
updated: 29 Aug 2009

The Norfolk Historical Society operates the Eva Brook Donly Museum in Simcoe, which is the home of the Norfolk Archives, your best bet for finding local historical records and artifacts. 

Back in 2004 this volunteer-run, membership-supported, registered charity wanted a quick way of telling the public what it was all about. Our NHS Overview video was developed in response to that need.

Over the years it has grown a bit long in the tooth, variables such as the curator, newsletters and web site have changed. But the core mission and themes remain the same, making this video still the quickest overview going.

If you are serious about Norfolk genealogy, the Norfolk Society Society is too great a resource to ignore.

Our videos are merely sneak peeks -- not exhaustive treatments -- of their subject. Hopefully they will provide a touch of perspective unaccessible through other media.

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