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Delhi Detachment
by John Cardiff

On 14 Jul 2006 Richard Lyness of Elginburg, Ontario sent us a scan of a photo in his familiy's possession of the Delhi Detachment of 133rd Battalion of the Canadain Expeditionary Force, presumably taken just before it sailed for England 30 Oct 1916 during the First World War.

Richard was able to identify two of the soldiers in the picture: his ancestor Milton Lyness, who returned from the war, and Milton's friend Roy Myers, who died in battle. (We briefly display their names in the video when they appear on screen.) 

That leaves us wondering if you can help identify any of the dozens of other soldiers in the photo. If so, please email John Cardiff. (If you think you spot someone you recognize, you can press Pause while that face fills the screen for a extended look.)

How do you make a video of a single still photo? Very quietly, as there is no soundtrack. After panning across the entire photo, we zoomed in to show you each of the three rows of soldiers one man at a time. Then we show you both of the men sitting in front, before panning over the entire photo again. (We panned and zoomed slowly so you have time to look at each face as it passes.)

We are still looking for another copy of this photo in various local archives, hoping it might list soldiers' names on the back. But so far searches at the Norfolk Heritage Centre, the Delhi Tobacco Museum, the Delhi Public Library, and the Delhi Branch of the Canadian Legion have not being fruitful.

Our videos are merely sneak peeks -- not exhaustive treatments -- of their subject. Hopefully they will provide a touch of perspective unaccessible through other media.

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