Simcoe High 1947-48
Simcoe High School, 1947-48
Last updated: 18 Jan 2016
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This is student: Harry Montrose 
Tentatively identified 26 Sep 2010 by John Brunt
Confirmed 23 Feb 2011 by Harry's niece Pam Ilton-Almon
From John: I believe this is Harry Montross. His father worked at Stewart's repair shop on Culver St., just south of Sydenham. (See the 1949 Monocle, page 28, back row, second from left.)

From Pam: This is uncle Harry Montrose, my mother Muriel's brother. Yes, their father Robert did work for Mr. Stewart. 
Harry worked at Walker's store, then at Bank of Commerce which transferred him to London where he met his wife Shirley Thoms. They moved to Oshawa where he worked for the school board. In the 70's they moved to Windsor where Harry worked for Internal Revenue Service until he retired. 
He has two children. They live in Royal Oak, Michigan. 
Also see Harry in 1940 photo of South School students.

Harry Montrose

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