Simcoe High 1947-48
Simcoe High School, 1947-48
Last updated: 13 Jan 2016
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Person 48-167 (Row 2)

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This is: student Eleanor Girling
Identified 24 Sep 2009 by Shirley {Holden) Ross
Confirmed 7 Jan 2010 by Eleanor's daughter Robin Dickson
From Robin: This is a picture of my mother, Eleanor Ann Girling. She was a daughter of Wray Girling and Odessa (Randall) Girling. Her sisters were Jenny and Barb Girling, her brother was Paul Girling. Eleanor was born in Simcoe in 1932 and lived the majority of her life in Simcoe. She married Robert Myerscough in 1954. They had three children and three grandchildren. Eleanor dedicated her life to her family. She died 11 Jul 1991 in Simcoe.

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Eleanor Girling

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