Simcoe High 1947-48
Simcoe High School, 1947-48
Last updated: 11 Jan 2016
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This is: teacher Miss Mabel O'Brian
Identified 16 Sep 2009 by Joan (Coones) Horn
Identified 26 Sep 2009 by Shirley {Holden) Ross
Also see: 1946 Simcoe High photo (46-296) Mabel O'Brian

From Mabel's 9 May 1974 Simcoe Reformer obituary:
Miss O'Brian taught at Simcoe High from 1925 to 1954. For a number of years she was assistant principal. She taught for nine years in Glengarry County, earned a BA at Queen's University, was a math specialist at Fort Francis High, before coming to Simcoe. There were 7 teachers and 200 students her first year, 30 teachers and 800 students when she retired. Following retirement she and fellow teacher, Miss Lucy Grant, moved to Toronto.

Miss Mabel O'Brian

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