Simcoe High 1947-48
Simcoe High School, 1947-48
Last updated: 13 Jan 2016
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Person 48-040 (Row 1)

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This may be: student J. Harvey Caswell
Identified 16 Oct 2009 by Shirley (Holden) Ross 
Confirmed 17 Dec 2011 by his son Mark Caswell
Challenged 9 Sep 2013 by his sister Betty.
From Mark: This is my father. He married Ruth Ann Bowen from Boston, Ontario. They had three children, all raised in Simcoe. He worked for Ontario Hydro as a forester. Dad died Jun 1997. 
He was only 62.
From Betty: This is not my brother, who was three years younger than me. I was in grade 10 this picture. He was still at North School.

-- also see: Harvey's sister Betty Caswell
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Harvey Caswell

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