Simcoe High 1945-46
Simcoe High School, 1945-46
Last updated: 29 Jul 2006
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Person 46-385

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This is: student David Goulding
Identified as D. or R. Goulding 5 Jan 2006 by Lenore Ross 
Identified as David 25 Jan 2006 by David Tjart
Confirmed 28 Jul 2006 by his sister-in-law Dorene, niece Heather
Also see: 46-438: David's brother Reid Goulding

From David: I'm pretty sure this is David in grade 9 as he is standing next to me (also grade 9). Grade 11s (Reid) would not have been caught dead standing next to a grade 9.

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Daviid Goulding

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