Simcoe High 1945-46
Simcoe High School, 1945-46
Last updated: 01 Oct 2009
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This is: student Ronald Pond
Tentatively identified 14 Dec 2005 by Shirley (Holden) Ross
Confirmed 31 Jan 2006 by John Brunt
Confirmed 19 Mar 2006 by Ronald Pond himself

Ronald is also in our 1948 Simcoe High photo, see 48-579.

From Ron: After leaving Simcoe High in 1949, graduated in Medicine from Queens University in 1956, specialized in Psychiatry in 1976, finally retired as President and CEO of Homewood Health Centre in Guelph. Married Elaine Richmond from Simcoe, have 4 daughters and 10 grandchildren. Currently living in Waterloo, Ontario.

Our tour of people in the photo is organized from left to right.

Ronald Pond

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