Simcoe High 1945-46
Simcoe High School, 1945-46
Last updated: 26 Apr 2010
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This is: student Harry Sweetlove
Identified 19 Dec 2005 by Richard Pearce and Judy Roney
Confirmed 24 Apr 2010 by his daughter Lorraine Mordeca

From Lorraine: This is my father, Harry Sweetlove, who also appears in the 1948 picture. He was born 30 Jun 1932 and died 15 Dec 2009. His mother and stepfather were Phyllis and Bob Thornton, who ran Thornton's News and Novelties on Robinson Street in Simcoe for many years. Harry lived in Ancaster with his wife Elaine where he taught school in Wentworth County until he retired.  He earned his ED.D degree in education.  He has 3 children and 3 grandchildren. I'm so sorry he didn't see these [school pictures] before he passed away as he might have been able to help identify some of the others.

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Harry Sweetlove

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