Simcoe High 1945-46
Simcoe High School, 1945-46
Last updated: 23 Dec 2009
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This is: student Myrna Blayney
Identified 29 Nov 2005 by Shirley (Holden) Ross
Confirmed 22 Dec 2009 by her daughter Cheryl Rutherford

From Cheryl: Born 18 Jan 1931, the eldest child of Fred E. Blayney and Aileen Youmans, Mom/Myrna had a sister Eva and brother Don. She attended school at Cherry Valley then Simcoe High for a year, travelling by trolley. She married Douglas M. Rutherford in 1950, had two children, Wray and Cheryl, then divorced. She worked for Beaver Lumber, then for 33 years was secretary- treasurer of Big Creek Conservation Authority, retiring in 1992. She married Grant Smith in 1993. Myrna was a member of Forrester's and of Simcoe Little Theatre. She died 24 Sep 2008.

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Myrna Blayney

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