Simcoe High 1945-46
Simcoe High School, 1945-46
Last updated: 19 Feb 2007
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Person 46-004

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This is: student Nancy Ricketts
Identified 18 Dec 2005 by Vic and Lenore Gibbons
Confirmed 17 Feb 2007 by Nancy Ricketts herself

From Nancy: I am student 46-004 in that picture. My parents were Bennie and Annie Ricketts of Teeterville. I have a sister, Anne, and a brother, Garland, who both live in the U.S. since my parents returned to Virginia in 1955. I was born in 1933. Our address was R.R.3, Vanessa. In 1954, I married Charles Attlebery of Vanessa; he died in 1968 and I remarried in 1972 to Jim Barnett of Scottish birth. I have no children. I spent 31 years teaching French in Burford and Waterford High Schools retiring in 1990. In 1991 we moved to Martinsville, Virginia, to be near my mother who is still living at 97. For the past 12 years I have been teaching adult education for the local community college, helping high school dropouts get their GEDs. Jim has a successful commercial real estate firm here. We are both very involved in community life here and going strong in the Old Dominion!.

Nancy Ricketts

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