Simcoe High 1942-43
Simcoe High School, 1942-43
Last updated: 06 Jun 2016
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This is: Home Ec teacher Miss Margaret Gunton
Identified by W.B., Christie & friends

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Webmaster's Comment: Margaret Gunton (1904-1997) was a daughter of Robt. E. Gunton (1863-1935) and Annie Perry Austin (1862-1948), a granddaughter of John R. Gunton (1837-1902) and Eliza Jarvis (1841-1918). Margaret's sister Alice (1906-1986) was the librarian at Simcoe Library for years. Margaret was Simcoe High's first Home Ec teacher; starting during the Depression, she taught Home Ec at Simcoe High into the 1960s.

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