Simcoe High 1942-43
Simcoe High School, 1942-43
Last updated: 03 Jun 2016
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This is student: Robert Whitside
Identified by W.B., Christie & friends
Identity confirmed 14 Nov 2005 by Marion (Westcott) Dawley

Robert Leroy Whitside was born 18 Oct 1925, the second of five children born to Bruce W. Whitside and Catharine Gladys Cameron 
of Simcoe. 

A second generation SHS student "Bob" joined the Royal Canadian 
Air Force as a gunner, but WWII ended before he got overseas. 
He married Barbara Joan VanEvera in 1950 in Brantford.

Bob was president Simcoe Mitt & Glove and later Ranpro, before selling his interest in the company to employees and retiring in 1987.

Bob was past president of the Rotary Club of Simcoe, Commodore 
of the Port Dover Yacht Club, chairman of the Recreation Commission, a member of the Norfolk History Society, and a 
long-time genealogist.

Bob died 8 Mar 2016 in Simcoe, survived by three children, 
four grandchildren, a great-granddaughter, and two sisters; 
predeceased by his wife, a son, a brother and sister.

Also see Bob's sister, Edith Whitside

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