Simcoe High 1942-43
Simcoe High School, 1942-43
Last updated: 06 Jun 2016
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This is student: Albert Potts
Identified by W.B., Christie & friends
Confirmed 13 Sep 2004 by Joyce (Holden) Mallard
Confirmed 14 Nov 2005 by Didi Campbell

Albert was a brother of 43-299 Alan Potts.

From Didi: David Albert Potts, born 15 Jun 1929, youngest son of Percy L. Potts and Alice E. (Bessie) Austin, married Jean Shaw on 11 Jul 1953 in Wardsville. They have one son. Albert changed from dairy farming to computer data processing in 1967, and lived and worked in various places, including Toronto, Nanticoke and Cleveland, retiring to Simcoe in 1995.

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