Simcoe High 1942-43
Simcoe High School, 1942-43
Last updated: 03 Jun 2016
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This is student: Helen Pangborn
Identified by W.B., Christie & friends
Identified 18 Sep 2004 by Shirley Ross
Confirmed 11 Nov 2006 by her nephew Dave Pangborn

From Dave: This is definitely my Dad's sister, Helen, daughter of George Herbert Pangborn and Amy Curry. Her father was the general manager of the American Can plant in Simcoe. Helen has two brothers: Herbert (my dad) and Gordon. Helen still lives in Simcoe. She married Doug Demeyere of Demeyere Chrysler in Simcoe. Their son Doug Jr. (once a promising junior hockey player) and his wife Starr live in Simcoe and are involved in the family car dealership. Helen also has two beautiful daughters, Linda and Patty who are both probably grandmas by now!

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