Port Ryerse School, 1898
Last updated: 15 Feb 2010 
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S.S. No. 1 Woodhouse, the one-room elementary school house at Port Ryerse, 14 Sep 1898. Researcher Steven Shinbin of Toronto emailed us this photo scan 30 Aug 2004. 
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Two girls in the first row (second left and second right) hold chalkboards which read:
Left: "S. S. No. 1 Woodhouse. Miss A. Exelby, Teacher."
Right: "Port Ryerse School. Sept. 14, '98"

Steven identifies the sixth person from the left in the back row as the teacher, Miss A. Exelby, and five of the students as his great grandparents Jim Green and Kate Snider, and siblings.

For more on the Port Ryerse school and other students, see About the photo

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