Middleton School 3, circa 1913
Last updated: 24 Sep 2006 

Can you help us definitively identify this photo (its location and date) and perhaps some the people in it? Perhaps somebody else out there has another copy of the same photo. Dare we hope for one with names written on the back? If your can assist, please email  webmaster John Cardiff.

Leona Trill of Ann Arbor, Michigan emailed us this scan 18 Sep 2006. She believes it was taken at Middleton S. S. 3, at Courtland, circa 1913. Leona can identify three of the students in the photo: her grandmother Erie Coggins, and Erie's sisters Hazel and Mary (shown on the right).

Unfortunately, the original photo is not available to us, so a higher resolution scan, which would provide us with a better look at each person in the picture is not available.

Leona reports that Mary, Erie and Hazel, daughters of William Coggins and his wife Eva Elizabeth Hall, were born in 1902, 1904 and 1906 respectively, and were raised in Courtland. 

Their mother, a daughter of Leonard Dwight Hall and his wife Mary Jane Marsh, was born in Norfolk County. The girls' father, a son of James Coggins and Charlotte Edwards, was born in Oxfordshire, England before coming to Canada with his birth family at the age of two months. Mary, Erie and Hazel all eventually moved to the United States and married. Mary and Erie have passed away. Hazel returned to Canada and now lives in St. Mary's, Ontario.

The entire photo (shrunk to fit this web page) appears below. 
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To see the photo larger yet, click here to view the scan Leona sent.

Erie Coggins

Hazel Coggins

Mary Coggins

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