Jarvis Continuation School, 1945-46
Last updated: 03 Jun 2017 
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Please email us if you recognize anyone in the 1945-46 Jarvis Continuation School photo above. We'd like your help in identifying each of the 50 people in this photo. 

Of course being able to see the faces better might help... To that end, we provide three different levels of photo enlargement. 
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First Enlargement online: Person 1
Last Enlargement online:  Person 50  

Jarvis Continuation School picture, 1945-46. Geo. A. Armstrong, Principal. The principal's daughter, Marilyn Armstrong-Reynolds of Essex County emailed us this photo scan 18 Apr 2005. Click on the photo to view an enlargement, then select individual photos.

The village of Jarvis is immediately east of Norfolk County in Haldimand County, so there are presumably few Norfolk residents in this photo. (The only one identified so far is the principal, George A. Armstrong, a native of Norfolk.)

Continuation schools provided high school classes in elementary schools in communities too small to support a separate high school. Marilyn provides more about Jarvis Continuation School in About the photo.

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