American Can Staff Photo, Simcoe, Dec 1933
American Can Staff Photo, Simcoe, Dec 1933
Last updated: 11 Dec 2017
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This is: Bill "Quack" Lyne
Identified as Lyons 27 Nov 2009 by Bruce & Flo Payne
Identified as Lyne 4 May 2011 by his grandson Gary Friesen

From Gary: This is Bill "Quack" Lyne, not Lyons, my grandfather. 
He helped build the American Can and then worked there for 
years until he retired."

See a 1957 photo of Bill.

From 8 Jan 1968 Simcoe Reformer:
William Lyne of Queen Street, Simcoe, died 6 Jan 1968 in Simcoe. Born London, England, came to Delhi as a boy, served overseas 
WWI, American Can employee 29 years. Retired 1958. Wed 1918 
in England, Lillian Schenck who died 1962. Wed 1963 Wilhelmina Duke who survives. Also surviving: two sons, daughter, stepson, a sister, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Oakwood Cemetery stone:
William B. Lyne 1893-1968 | his wife Lillian I. Schenck 1897-1962

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Bill Lyne

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