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An editing transcription of a page 1 article from the 
20 Jun 1901 Waterford Star newspaper.

Norfolk County History

Lynedoch, June 15 -- The Norfolk Historical Society has been organized about two years, and has already acquired a great amount of interesting and valuable information about the early history of Norfolk County and the adjacent districts bordering upon Lake Erie.

From time to time outings are held by member of the society for the purpose of visiting points of historical interest. One of these outings of a most enjoyable character was held today by member of the society from Simcoe and other points, accompanied by a number of ladies.

The trip was made in carriages. The guests from Simcoe were: Judge Robb, Hal B. Donly and wife, Alex McCall, Frank Reid and wife, Walter McCall and wife, Dr. J. J. Wadsworth, Mrs. Hicks and Frank Cook.

Delhi was the first point of visited, and som of the pioneers of the section were interviewed. Among the number was Walter Turnbull, who made interesting statements about early experiences when he moved into the wilderness.

From Delhi the party drove to Croton and admired the magnificent scenery of Big Creek Valley below that point. From Croton the drive was continued to the beautiful picnic grove at Lynedoch, from which a superb view of the valley of Big Creek and the surrounding country is obtained. Here a crowd of 200 were assembled to greet the members of the Historical Society.

Among the people gathered upon the grounds were a goodly number of pioneers and of descendants of early pioneers. Warms greetings were exchanged between people who had known each other for half a century, and member of the society were placed in communication with old men who were able to impart much valuable information to them.

John Charlton, M.P., was present, by invitation, to give an address upon the early history of Norfolk County, and especially of the Big Creek region. After a basket lunch has been disposed of an open air meeting was organized by the selection of Judge Robb as Chairman, who made a happy opening speech, introducing Mr. Charlton to the audience.

Mr. Charlton's address

Mr. Charlton, upon coming forward expressed gratification at the efficient work performed by the Norfolk Historical Society. At the same time he must express regret that the society had not been organized many years earlier, and before many of the earliest settlers, who could have given information of rare interest and value, had passed away.

Surprisingly good work had been done and was being performed by the society, and he asked to be permitted as a member of he organization and a citizen of Norfolk County to heartily thank the Misses Walsh, of Simcoe, for the donation of his papers of their father, the late Francis L. Walsh, to the society.

Mr. Walsh was Registrar of the county for over 60 years and these paper contained information of great interest and value.

Norfolk County has at an early day contained the capital and seat of justice for a wide extent of the country. This was located first at old Fort Norfolk, near Turkey Point, from 1803 to 1820, and then at Vittoria, from 1820 to 1826, when it was removed to London.

From both of these places the glory had departedd and at the present time the one first named was not even a hamlet. Norfolk was one of the first of the districts west of Niagara to attract settlers and many families were located with its limits in the later years of the eighteenth century.

The matchless beauty of its forests and open woodland glades and plains attracted the attention of the early French explorers as they coasted the north shore Lake Erie.

At the time of the war between Great Britain and the United States (1812-14) it is supposed that Norfolk County contained nearly 3,000 inhabitants, and the Norfolk militia played a rather conspicuous part in the military operations of the period.

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