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The Queen Mum, 1900-2002
1900 Elizabeth Angela-Marguerite Bowes-Lyon - Lady Elizabeth - born, 4 Aug 1900, daughter of Lord Glamis, later 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne. Family descended from Royal House of Scotland, roots going back to  12th century Glamis Castle, home of Macbeth.
1910 Educated at home, at 10, she is fluent in French.
1914 World War I begins on her 14th birthday. Glamis Castle becomes hospital. She helps with welfare work for patients. Her brother is killed 1915 at Battle of Loos.
1922 She is a bridesmaid at the wedding of Princess Mary, daughter of King George V and Queen Mary.
1923 Lady Elizabeth marries the King and Queen's 2nd  son, The Duke of York, 26 Apr 1923
1926  Princess Elizabeth born 21 Apr 1926 in London.
1927 The couple embarka on a six-month world tour.
1930 Princess Margaret born 21 Apr at Glamis Castle.
1936 King George V dies. King Edward VIII abdicates to marry Wallis Simpson. Duke and Duchess assume the responsibilities of the throne.
1937  12 May 1937 -- coronation of the Duke and Duchess as King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.
1939 The royal couple becomes the first reigning monarch to visit Canada, May and Jun, 1939
1939 Soon after their return from Canada, World War Two begins. The Queen and her daughters decline safe haven in North America, choosing to remain in England.
1940  She is in Buckingham Palace when it is bombed in Sep
1948 King and Queen celebrate 25th wedding anniversary

King George VI dies 6 Feb 1952 at Sandringham

1952 Queen Elizabeth moves out of Buckingham Palace to Clarence House in St. James. She continues her public duties at home and abroad, making more than 40 official visits abroad, including a 1989 visit to Canada.
1956 Her horse, "Devon Loch," collapses just before the Grand National finish line. (Jockey Dick Francis, later a best-selling mystery writer.) A devoted horse-racing fan, she owns a string of thoroughbreds, with more than 400 winners.
1981  Lady Diana Spencer, granddaughter of Queen Mother's friend Lady Fermoy, marries Prince Charles, 29 Jul. The couple left for St. Paul's Cathedral from the Queen Mother's home at Clarence House.
1990 Queen Mother celebrates her 90th birthday. In her 90th year she undertakes 118 engagements throughout Britain.
1992 The Royals' annus horribulus as grandchildren Charles and Andrew separate from their wives Diana and Sarah. They divorced four years later.
1995  Queen Mother opens the 50th anniversary VE (Victory in Europe) celebrations, appears on balcony of Buckingham Palace with daughters, recreating the celebrations of 2 May 1945.
2000  Queen Mother turns 100, waves to adoring fans around the world. Celebration began two weeks before her birthday.
2000  Queen Mum presented with Canada's Highest Honor, Companion of the Order of Canada, 21 Oct 2000, by Governor General Adrienne Clarkson.
2002  Queen Mother dies peacefully while asleep at home at the Royal Lodge, 30 Mar 2002.