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A transcription of a page 1 article from 7 Dec 1916 issue of Simcoe Reformer.

Plant at Delhi was Destroyed by Fire
Sovereen Mitt and Glove Factory a Prey to Flames
Second Time in Three Years
Was Working on Government Contract

Delhi, Dec. 1 -- The plant of the Sovereen Mitt and Glove Company here was totally destroyed by fire at four o'clock this morning. The plant [was] a new one, having been erected to replace the one burned three years ago. It was a splendid brick structure.

The loss is estimated at $40,000 with insurance of only $15,000. Thirty-five hand were employed.

The cause of the fire is a mystery, but there are suspicious circumstances. While the fire raged it was noticed that the wire had been taken from one of the windows and the bricks removed from underneath.

The plant had been working on Government orders for the soldiers for some time past, the staff being engaged night and day at times. This fact has aroused the suspicion that Alien enemies may have been [r]esponsible for the blaze, and the Ontario department may be asked to investigate.

Bruce Whitside, the manager, was in Toronto at the time of the fire. Mr. Whitside's brother, Capt. Leroy Whitside, was reported killed in action two weeks ago, and his father, W. H. Whitside who was identified with the factory, passed away six months ago.

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