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The following article appeared on page 1 of the 5 Sep 1918 issue of The Simcoe Reformer  

Returned Soldier Gets The Job

Simcoe School Board Selects R. E. Cook
Caretaker for new South Ward School.

A special meeting of the Board of Education was called for last Friday night to consider the applications for the position of janitor at the new South Ward School and other business.

It was after nine o'clock before a quorum was got 
together and it then transpired that not a member 
of the committee on repairs and supplies 
(Messrs. Lawson, Edmonds and Martin) was present. One member remarked that it looked as if the 
committee was trying to shirk its job.

Chairman Monro got busy on the phone, but the members in question all seemed to be out of town.

The applications were opened up and read to the members present, Messrs. Marston, Jelly, Innes, 
Sutton, Aiken and Everett.

Sic applications were received, as follows:
J. E. Neiderauer, $540 a year.
George Fick, $300 a year.
Robert Churchill, $700 a year.
R. E. Cook, a returned soldier, $38 a month.
Lewis Price, $45 a month.

Mr. Innes stated that as the committee appointed to 
look after the applications was not present nothing 
could be down by the Board until the committee 
reported on the matter.

It was therefore decided to adjourn the meeting and inform the committee to report at an adjourned 
meeting on Saturday evening, 31 Aug 1918 at 7.30 
o'clock, as a janitor had to be appointed for the 
opening of the school on Tuesday, 3 Sep 1918.

An account of $202.72 for 1267 feet of cement 
walk was ordered to be paid to the Maple Leaf 
Artificial Stone Paving Co.

Board adjourned at 9:30.


At the adjourned meeting held on Saturday night, 
R. E. Cook's application was the one decided upon 
by the members present. The successful applicant 
is a returned soldier.

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