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The following article was transcribed from page 5 of the 1 Sep 1910 Waterford Star newspaper.

Restrictions Modified

Vitoria, B.C., 25 Aug 1910 -- At yesterday's session of the Methodist conference, specific restrictions in the church discipline were swept away, and in their place a general admonition as to good conduct consistent with Christian life was substituted.

Thus ends the famous footnote controversy.

The Abolished Footnote -- "The general rules are to be understood as forbidding neglect of duties of any kind. Imprudent conduct, indulge in wilful temper and words, the buying, selling or using of intoxicating liquors as beverage, dancing, playing games of chance, encouraging lotteries, attending theatres, horse racing, circuses, dancing parties, patronizing dancing schools, taking such other amusements as are obviously of a misleading or questionable moral tendency, and all acts of disobedience to the order and discipline of the Church."

The Substituted Paragraph -- "For as much as these rules are to be interpreted by the enlightened Christian conscience, according to principles of Christian liberty revealed in Gor's Word, our members are earnestly admonished that they guard with great care their reputation as servants of Christ and in the case of those amusements and practices which are of a hurtful and questionable tendency that they do not engage in those injurious to their spiritual life or incompatible to their allegiance to Jesus Christ, their Master."

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